Extended Delivery Centre

Large or the start-up companies face challenges while setting up a new delivery or service centre/offices at new countries and locations. Scaling up of their offices and team could be tedious job when they would prefer to concentrate only on their core business. IWS joins hands with clients at this stage to provide them an extended delivery support also called as ODC model support by setting up office, admin, logistic, communication, transport, recruitment and staffing and payroll management services on one go. This service provides a strong support system for the clients who need talented skills for a limited duration deployment.

Service Inclusions

  • Setting up office at preferred location
  • ISO and Safety compliant office interiors and work place
  • Office Admin & Management
  • Tools & Technology support
  • Transportation
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Joining and Deployment Coordination
  • Payroll Management & Compliance Register

EDC/ODC Process