Network Optimization

IWS RF Optimization Services known to deliver for its quality, whether a small scale project or an End-to-End solution, our Network Optimization Service guarantees a thorough optimization of the network and an improvement of network performance within the customer defined constraints. We determine areas for improvement and specify the required input data - measurements, network configuration data and other data about the technology used in the network, and then we analyze the data and determine the changes needed to optimize the network performance.

IWS uses latest technology software’s and handsets to provide all tests for GSM/UMTS/HSPDA+LTE-FDD/TDD/MOS/Volte/CA technologies

IWS optimization services includes a split of the radio network optimization process as below

Single Cell Functionality Test

  • Physical Site of Audit to capture multi technology antennas height, type, azimuth, tilt and PN
  • Taking Panoramic, tower and antenna photographs
  • Basic sector voice and data testing
  • Intra and Inter cell handover testing
  • Extensive coverage & quality drive test
  • Static testing for voice (M2M, M2F and data (DL & UL)
  • Analysis of logs and recommending physical/parameter changes at site to meet coverage and quality standards
  • Report Preparation and Acceptance from clients

Cluster Optimization & AT

  • Cluster pre drive under voice and data scenario.
  • Analyze of the logs and implement physical and parameter optimization changes for improving the coverage and quality problems
  • Conduct a post cluster drive to ensure the coverage and quality improvements
  • Conduct all kinds of static tests , mainly on voice call, video calls, DL/UL data tests under FTP, Youtube, and Video games
  • Analyze and ensure the DL/UL throughput is achieved as per the standards
  • Report preparation and submission to the client for final AT
  • Conducting Final AT drive with clients and clearing all punch points
  • Report Preparation and Acceptance from clients
  • Monitoring the KPIs and ensuring improvement through the optimization process

IBS and Small Cell Solutions

Our in-building and small cell solutions will enable mobile operators and enterprises to improve voice and data coverage in high-traffic areas such as corporate buildings, shopping malls, multi-tenant buildings, manufacturing facilities and airports. Our In-Building service includes RF (radio frequency) coverage assessment, design and optimization, program management, pre & post deployment services which include maintenance, on-site technical support and network monitoring. Our services organization helps mobile operators design & optimizes in-building networks with optimal coverage and capacity. IWS has a team of experts that can help service providers and enterprises select an In-building solution with the right capacity and RF optimization requirements to help ensure In-Building and macro network interoperability.

  • Conducting RFI Survey and preparing the BoQ
  • Implementation of the IBS/Small Cell
  • Integration of the site route survey & Walk test
  • Walk Test, Analysis and Optimization
  • Report Submission and AT

Radio Network Benchmarking

The methodology of radio network benchmarking services includes:

  • Definition benchmarking periodicity
  • Definition of reference areas for benchmarking by region
  • Definition of reference drive test condition
  • Drive test data collection for all technologies (2G/3G/HSPA+/4G/Volte/CA)
  • Drive test data processing and comparative analysis of all operators and with data for the previous benchmark